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Tinkerbell Party (Picture Galore Part 1)

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My vision for the Tinkerbell party was to transform the house into Pixie Hollow. If you are not familiar with the Tinkerbell world, you need to know that the land is divided in 4 regions, representing each season. The fairies practice their talent and prepare for the change of the seasons on the main land (where we are).

Guests got to see a map of Pixie Hollow prior to entering the front door. The cake room was Spring Valey, the main party food was Summer Glade, the candy room/activity room was the Autumn Forest, and the beverage room was the Winter Woods. Every one of these rooms had a sign, so guests could easily locate themselves.

Spring Valley - the cake room



Table decorations


The Cake


The Summer Glade Room - Main Party Food


Fairy Food


One of the party favors decorating the window


Stay tuned! Tomorrow I'll post Autum Forest and Winter Woods on Part 2!


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