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8 Things you should bring to Disney (PART 1)

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Last November, my then 3 year-old daughter. And I had loads of fun while at Walt Disney World. Since I am a planner, I tried to think of everything I could possibly need. And when I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING! I even brought plastic wraps for our feet, not to get our tennis shoes wet while on the Kali River Rapids. I found out it was too much hassle to put those one, so plastic wraps did not make the top 10 list!


But much of my preparation did work, and our Disney trip was a success. So much so, that my daughter (who is now 4) and I are going back to Walt Disney World in less than 2 weeks from now. I’m again in that preparation mode.


# 1 - Mighty Be

This is the perfect size bag for a day at the park. It is not by accident that it is number one on my list. To start, before you enter the park, you will need to go through security, and show them the contents of your bag. With the Might Be, that process was a breeze. I opened the top, moved around some clothes, and done.


During summer you won’t need jackets, but definitely bring an extra T-shirt for the kids. Messes happen. Plus, if you are going on a wet ride towards the end of the day, you might need one. I found out the hard way back in November, that T-shirts aren’t so affordable at the Splash Mountain store. We had a cool weather that day, and I could not let my daughter stay wet.


The Mighty Be is perfect, and gives you easy and quick access to your belongings. I kept my bag in the lower compartment of the stroller.


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2 - Be Quick or Large Be Set

Even though we used the stroller a lot, many times we were away from it while going on rides that were close together, or while waiting to take a picture with a character. I definitely recommend that you keep your documents, credit cards, money, camera, and phone with you at all times. The Mighty Be is great, but if you can leave your main bag in the stroller, be sure to have something smaller to take with you.


I took my Shadow Waltz Be Quick and attached the long strap from the Black EL Be Major to the D ring. I wore it cross body. It fit my photo pass, credit card, my phone, camera, and a small HD cam corder. Perfect size


# 3  - Fuel Cell

It is true that you can find water fountains throughout the park. But it could be a hassle to find one just when you need it. I placed 3-4 bottled waters and some ice inside the fuel cell, and it was great. We had fresh water anytime, anywhere. You can also put some juice boxes in there too. Best of all, it fits perfectly inside the Mighty Be.


# 4 - Child Identification with SafetyTat Tatoo

One of my main concerns going to Disney with a small child was safety. What if she got lost? What if she wondered away from me? I could write contact info on her skin, but then again, it could fade away with sweat, water, or by simply rubbing against her clothes. Permanent ink doesn’t seem like a safe choice anyway. Loose pieces of paper on a pocket can get lost, wet, etc. So I came across a tattoo sticker, that is resistant to sweat, and can have all the info you need right there on the kid’s arm. I thought my daughter to ask for help and to ask an adult to call that number on her tattoo to contact mommy.


The sticker I chose was the one that comes printed with your phone number. I chose not to have her name on it, to avoid strangers calling her as if they knew her. The phone number also gave me the option to use it with my daughter or with my son. This model has code on the side that can be scanned with any smart phone, and there I included my name, address, allergy information, etc.


You also have the choice to select a tattoo in which you can handwrite anything you want. Applying and removing the SafetyTat Tatoo was very easy. I just followed the instructions. The best part was that it lasted 3 days, so I only needed 1 sticker the whole time. It would have lasted more than that, but I removed once we got back home.




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