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Reader Review: Using the BeAll As a Breastpump Bag

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by IllinoisHawkeye, July 2011 PL Giveaway winner


I've been a working nursing mother three times now. This third time around, when my beloved Medela Pump in Style started to fail me, I entered the market for a new pump. Finally, after some research, I settled on a Lansinoh pump.

The only problem?

The pump didn't come in a carry bag. And I knew I would be toting the pump, accessories, and stored milk back and forth between work and home every day.

For a while, I tried to use one of the free formula bags that I got at the hospital. It worked, kind of. Sure, I could fit everything in there, but there were no pockets to store things in. Plus, I had to resort to storing the pump parts in a plastic zipper bag. Once I found the parts had started to develop a bit of mold after only being in there for a night. Things had to change. Besides, it was just about the ugliest bag I had ever carried. I longed for something that fit my personality.

Enter the Mint Julep BeAll. I got a deal on a used one from Craigslist. I bought it not knowing if it would meet my needs, but, always a Pink Lady, I knew that any JJB was worth trying, and if it didn't work out I could resell it!

I found that my Medela cooler bag fit perfectly inside the BeAll. And the pump parts fit nicely too! Plus, I am able to put a picture of my baby boy in the flap, just like in the Medela bags. Even better, I bought a Quick to store the accessories for the pump, and found that they no longer stayed damp, like they had in a zipper bag. The quick allowed them to dry out, and NO MORE MOLD!

Although I was originally hoping I could tote my lunch in the All, I have found that the pumping gear takes up most of the room. I can place my BeRich wallet in either the mommy pocket or the front zipper pocket, and my cell phone in one of the bottle pockets for easy access. With extra space for a few of my work things, I don't have to carry a purse to work. I've actually been able to carry one less bag to work with the All!

Here are a few pictures of her packed up.

All 01


In this photo you can see the Medela cooler tucked nicely inside, with the Lansinoh pump nestled next to it. The power cord is in the right end pocket, and the tubing is in the front right pocket. On the left side I have tucked two extra bottles, and in the back mesh pockets I have the instruction manual and a package of milk freezer bags.

I don't have a picture of this, but in the front zippered part, I store a few small things (this is the extra space for work stuff). In here I have tea bags and lip balm, and sometimes put my wallet in here.


All 02

In this photo you see the MM Quick, which holds the rest of the pump parts (horns, membranes, etc). I just lay it on top. It fits there nicely, and allows the top flap still to close with the magnet.


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