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The Health Frontier - Background

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It’s been a few days since I started to keep my dishes done every night. It has worked very well. It’s so much better to wake up to a clean sink, and get breakfast for the kids going. And I found that It is not taking me so long at night to get that done, since I’m not catching up with the dishes from the day before.


Two weeks ago, before I decided to document my whole life organization process, I started to “walk the walk” as far as healthy eating and losing weight. So far, so good! I lost 3.5 already. YAY!!! And that is just with dietary changes. I have not started my exercise program yet, mainly because I’m procrastinating, honestly. Secondly because my exercise equipment had to leave my bedroom, to make a reading/computer corner for my husband, and it is now tucked in a corner of my game room. I have not figured out how to leave the machine open without being dangerous for the kids.


Let me just clarify that I do need a new house. Our current home is actually a very good size. But, our life style just requires more space. I’ll explain why. Many of my family members live in another country, and when they come, they don’t come for just a few days. They come and stay for months. Yes you read it right. Months.


Just so you have an idea of my situation, this is how my next months are going to go down. My mom is arriving this coming Thursday, just four days from now. She will stay for 6 months. Yes! I did warn you about their length of stay… In the time she is here, my father, his wife and their son will be coming in to visit twice, my mother in law is planning to come as well – evidently when my mom, my dad (and his family) are here. So we will be one ginormous big-happy-under-one-roof family. I have no idea how I will accommodate all of them.


Now, back to how all of this is related to my health. Food is a big part of our life. Not that I prepare elaborate meals. I don’t. But when you have kids, food becomes a central portion of your day. And with my new health changes, the kitchen seems to be a logical starting point. And it goes well with my clean kitchen sink rule.


With all of these people coming soon, meal preparation will be even more complicated. And if I want to continue my healthy meal plans, I need to have it ready before “others” decide they like things to be done differently. Trust me. I’m talking from experience. Let’s just say for now that this won’t be the first time I will have family members staying for months. It will be the 6th or 7th. Yeah. Not that I’m complaining. Even though they like to re-arrange some things around the house, especially in the kitchen, they are a big help, and I love having them with me.


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