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The Health Frontier – Here we go: Pantry!

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I love the size of my kitchen, but hate some of the cabinet configurations. The space is not being utilized optimally. For now, I’m stuck with that, so, just like in the rest of the house, I need to just make it work well until I can either change it, or move in to a new house.


I started buying different food items, different baking goods, and I’m now struggling with how to store all of it. So I will divide my kitchen in several projects. Less overwhelming this way. The first thing I will do is to organize the pantry. Once I'm finished with this project, I plan on posting a video of the before and after.


I will probably need to take everything out, and just put back what we use. I plan to use as much of the containers I already have, but I might need to buy some additional containers, baskets, and things of the sort. But I will only know what I will need after I sort through all the things I want to store in the pantry.


The pantry is really a sore area in my kitchen, because I’ve organized it so many times, and none of my systems seem to work for very long. I hate a disorganized pantry, but you would not know that based on how it currently looks. It’s really embarrassing. Well. Who am I kidding? The entire kitchen is embarrassing.


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