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Kids Clothes – Baby Steps

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Why is it that two socks go in the wash, and only one sock comes out of the dryer? Now multiply that by about 100.


I really dislike this sock mystery. I have seen some sock organizers for laundry time. But before I get a plan going, anything I buy will just become clutter. So I need to come up with a plan to deal with these runaway socks.


My mom was kind enough to go over the bag of clean kids socks, and match them up. But, as you can see, the issue is real, and about 50 socks were single. Wow. The problem is worse than I thought.



Earlier this week I saw an interesting solution to deal with this, but it was before I actually saw how serious the situations really is. The idea was to hang the single sock on a hanger, and place it in the laundry room. Socks coming out of the dryer could be easily matched up against the singles on the hanger. Well. Right. I can’t imagine a hanger long enough to hold 50 socks. Having about 10 hangers in the laundry room would take up too much space. There goes that idea…


I will have to keep looking for a solution to the single socks.


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