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Virtually Organized

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My husband Rick is not the most organized person on the planet. At least not out in the real world. In fact, he doesn’t even notice clutter. This is hard for me to understand, but it’s true. Clutter just doesn’t bother him. The interesting twist about Rick is that when it comes to the virtual world - meaning his computer files, desktop, backups – he is extremely organized.


I was talking to him about my organizing plans, and about plans for next year. At some point he had an idea. He got his phone out, and wrote it down in his to-do list. Wait a minute! He has a to-do list app? He does, and he uses it ALL the time! So I installed it and I’m starting to enter things that I need to accomplish.


He recommended the website. It’s free to register. I went to the app store, and downloaded the app to my iPhone and iPad. I synced all of them with my toodledo websitet account. Whenever I enter a task via computer, phone or iPad, all devices are automatically updated.


So interesting that I got an organization tip from my husband! Who knew! If I could only make house chores become virtual tasks!


I don’t think I will enter doctor’s appointments, or birthdays, or meetings in this to do list app. I like to use a planner app for that. I think I will only keep my actual to-do list there. Let’s see how that is going to work out.


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