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Makeup/Nail/Vanity Table Project - Before and after pictures

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I am very happy to say that I started, and finished the makeup/nail/vanity project! This is part of my master bedroom/bathroom/closet organization project - which I'm doing one corner at a time. My makeup and nail products were being stored in a thin drawer in my closet, as well as in several Be Quicks, all shoved on the shelve below where I hand my clothes. It was very hard to see all that I had, and get dressed in the morning, not to mention messy. And plain hideous. My little drawer (actually half of a drawer) did work back when I didn't have as many beauty things. But my collection has grown quite a bit over the years. It's not like I could open my own beauty store with all my products. At least not yet.


I decided that getting ready in the morning quickly, and not wasting time looking for things was a very good starting goal in my master suite organization project. My system to organize my makeup and nail things was not working for me anymore. Please don't take me wrong. I love Be Quicks to organize beauty products during travel, It can even work inside a bigger train case when traveling. I wish Ju-Ju-Be made train cases, and specific makeup bags, to properly hold makeup brushes, and such.


Anyway, last Thursday I went to Ikea, and purchased an inexpensive, but cool looking table, with two large drawers, a led table lamp, and a chair. Sunday I got some drawer dividers and an acrylic organizer at Target, and some glass holders at the dollar store. Today I got an inexpensive large mirror at Ross. My mom and I assembled the table on Sunday, I organized all my stuff throughout the day. Earlier tonight we hung the mirror, and now my little spa area is complete!


I am thrilled with the result! No more digging through the makeup bags. Everything is at my fingertips. So organized! I'm feeling inspired!


Before: unused recliner/computer nook next to master bathroom



After: my new makup, nail, beauty center!



Future plan: Youtube video showing the details of how I organized the drawes, and a closer view of the table.


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