Sunday, 17 February 2013 00:00

My turn to be the guest.

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Once again life happened. Plans needed to be modified. My daughter and I went out of town for a birthday party this weekend. We left Saturday afternoon and came back Sunday evening. We stayed with one of Ric's cousins. We were the "all of a sudden" guests this time. I didn't feel so bad showing up on such a short notice because it had been about 15 years since I had seen them. And my daughter was dying to meet her little cousin, the birthday girl. She turned 4.


The party was at Chuck E Cheese's. Super fun! Between you and me - way less stressful on the mom as far as party planning goes. Made me think I need to go that rout as well...


The change in organization plans doesn't end here. Next weekend I will be going out of town with my daughter again. Yes. Another birthday party. My niece is turning one. Three weekends, three birthday parties in a row! 


The focus this week needs to be laundry. And packing!


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