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One Mom, Two Kids, 1 WannaBe, and 1 HoboBe go to Disney!

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Four of my favorite things, besides my family, are Ju-Ju-Be bags, organization, makeup, and Disney. It is not a coincidence that all 4 of these things are either used or talked about at my house on a daily basis.

When my son started refusing to be potty trained, I promissed him that if he went "number 2" in the potty I would take him to see Peter Pan in Disney World. It took a few months, but he finally did it! Well, he is not consistent, but ever since he did it, he has been asking me when he was gonna go see Peter Pan. Now I have to follow through. As promissed, we are going to Orlando in a few days.

If you read my posts 8 Things You Should Bring to Disney Part1 and Part 2, you know that I always bring my Mighty Be to the parks. I generally bring the BFF on the plane. But this time I will have my son with me too, not just my daughter.

This will be a totally different experience. My son is 3 years old, and my daughter is 5. And I need some extra things this time around. So I thought I needed to upgrade the bag.


So I will be taking a Hobo Be in Licorice Twirl and a perky Wannabe. The HoboBe will mainly stay with me, so I can carry the potty seat, wallet, a bottle of water, plastic rain cover, autograph books, and small ods and ends. The Wannabe will be the stroller bag. I have 2 Fuel Cells there, one with snacks, and another with water bottles and drinks for the kids. I also have two light blackets, a change of clothes for each of the kids, two light jackets, and an extra pull up (just in case).

Last time I went with my daughter this time of the year, it was a little breezy at night and the blancket and jacket came in handy. Yes I know. I overpack. Oh well. That is why I have a Wannabe! And I'm taking it in the plane with me.



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