Wednesday, 12 December 2012 00:00

The Health Frontier – Interesting Side-Effect


As I work towards keeping the pantry organized, which has not been hard by the way, I automatically started to put other things in their place, and started to do some light straightening out around the kitchen. I’m even got 2 loads of laundry done from start to finish – washed, folded, put away.


My mother will arrive tomorrow morning, so my to-do list tonight was a bit long. My husband will take the kids to school while I go pick her up. So I had to do a lot to prepare for her arrival. I made her bed, got her fresh towels, straightened the toys in the bathroom, put some extra toiletries and bathroom supplies in the guest bathroom, freshened up the powder room, got her lunch ready in the fridge for tomorrow, prepared lunch for the kids, got their backpacks ready to go, left their jackets in my husband’s car, labeled the new bins in the pantry, and started to organize the cleaning supply side of the pantry.




I decided to label the bins before her arrival just so she would know what was in then, and she would know how to put things back in place if needed. Then I looked at the cleaning supply area, and it was such a sore thumb. So I stored my Ju-Ju-Be bags elsewhere. Then I tackled the big items first, threw away things I wasn’t really using


It looks very good! Now I just need to get the shelf liner on the shelfs and I will be able to complete this project.


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Last night I stopped by The Container Store and got the supplies I had on my list. After I experimented with possible configurations, I decided I going to return a couple of things. Even though I measured my space, I thought I could squeeze in ¼ inch somehow between the walls… Needless to say, the walls didn’t move to make room for 2 storage units side by side. So I’m returning one of the units. Lesson of the day, trust your measurements! If it’s a ¼ inch larger at the store, it will continue to be ¼ inch larger at home. The different lighting won’t make it any smaller.


I still have not decided on how to best organize my can goods. For now, I’ll leave it as is, and continue to look for something that could work for us.


The cleaning supply side of the pantry is still looking the same, with the exception of one small area. I got a new storage system for the extra paper towels and toilet paper. I’m still overwhelmed with that side. Not sure why that is.


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I started the Pantry Project. I’m proud of myself. I just wish I could have done more than I did. But I have to be realistic. With two little ones, I get interrupted quite often. And since I’m figuring things out as I go, I just move at a slower pace.


Yesterday I cleaned the shelves, and removed the unwanted food items from the bottom 3 shelves. I did not get to the medications or the top shelf. But I put all my flours, oatmeal and things of the sort, in my vacuum sealed containers. I also labeled them.


After everything was back on the shelves, I was able to visualize what bins and containers I need to purchase. I took measurements of the pantry shelves.


The floors in the pantry were a mess. Luckily most of the mess was just plastic/supermarket bags containing even more bags. My mind wondered and I thought how nice it would be if I got disciplined enough to use the reusable bags.


I threw all those unnecessary/extra plastic bags in the trash. I don’t know why I keep so many of them…


I looked at the ‘cleaning supply’ side of the pantry, and got very overwhelmed. So I didn’t do much there.


Between making lunch, changing diapers, feeding the kids some wholesome snacks, then making dinner, doing laundry, getting distracted at how much I hate my laundry room and imagining how I need that room to be my next project after I’m done with the kitchen – that was my whole day.


Now I have my shopping list. On to the next step: going to the store tonight after work.


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Saturday, 08 December 2012 18:00

The Health Frontier – Here we go: Pantry!


I love the size of my kitchen, but hate some of the cabinet configurations. The space is not being utilized optimally. For now, I’m stuck with that, so, just like in the rest of the house, I need to just make it work well until I can either change it, or move in to a new house.


I started buying different food items, different baking goods, and I’m now struggling with how to store all of it. So I will divide my kitchen in several projects. Less overwhelming this way. The first thing I will do is to organize the pantry. Once I'm finished with this project, I plan on posting a video of the before and after.


I will probably need to take everything out, and just put back what we use. I plan to use as much of the containers I already have, but I might need to buy some additional containers, baskets, and things of the sort. But I will only know what I will need after I sort through all the things I want to store in the pantry.


The pantry is really a sore area in my kitchen, because I’ve organized it so many times, and none of my systems seem to work for very long. I hate a disorganized pantry, but you would not know that based on how it currently looks. It’s really embarrassing. Well. Who am I kidding? The entire kitchen is embarrassing.


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