Wednesday, 05 December 2012 18:00

Starting Point

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I will start my global organization process with simple things. I know. Obvious. But in the middle of a day’s chaos, putting away the clean laundry from 2 nights ago may not cross my mind. I’m probably too busy trying to wash the dishes from breakfast, and surprise, the dishes from dinner don’t fit in the dishwasher along with breakfast dishes. That’s because I already combined them with the dishes from last night’s dinner. Then I get upset, because after loading the dishwasher and doing all the kitchen work, the sink is still full.


I am convinced sippy cups breed in the sink. Somehow the two sippy cups I put in the sink in the morning turn into 10 by evening. And that is on a weekday, when the kids spent the day in school.


OK. I’m starting simple. I’m going for a true clean sink after dinner. Every night.


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