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The Health Frontier – Started the Pantry Project

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I started the Pantry Project. I’m proud of myself. I just wish I could have done more than I did. But I have to be realistic. With two little ones, I get interrupted quite often. And since I’m figuring things out as I go, I just move at a slower pace.


Yesterday I cleaned the shelves, and removed the unwanted food items from the bottom 3 shelves. I did not get to the medications or the top shelf. But I put all my flours, oatmeal and things of the sort, in my vacuum sealed containers. I also labeled them.


After everything was back on the shelves, I was able to visualize what bins and containers I need to purchase. I took measurements of the pantry shelves.


The floors in the pantry were a mess. Luckily most of the mess was just plastic/supermarket bags containing even more bags. My mind wondered and I thought how nice it would be if I got disciplined enough to use the reusable bags.


I threw all those unnecessary/extra plastic bags in the trash. I don’t know why I keep so many of them…


I looked at the ‘cleaning supply’ side of the pantry, and got very overwhelmed. So I didn’t do much there.


Between making lunch, changing diapers, feeding the kids some wholesome snacks, then making dinner, doing laundry, getting distracted at how much I hate my laundry room and imagining how I need that room to be my next project after I’m done with the kitchen – that was my whole day.


Now I have my shopping list. On to the next step: going to the store tonight after work.


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