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The Health Frontier – Measure twice, and stick to it

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Last night I stopped by The Container Store and got the supplies I had on my list. After I experimented with possible configurations, I decided I going to return a couple of things. Even though I measured my space, I thought I could squeeze in ¼ inch somehow between the walls… Needless to say, the walls didn’t move to make room for 2 storage units side by side. So I’m returning one of the units. Lesson of the day, trust your measurements! If it’s a ¼ inch larger at the store, it will continue to be ¼ inch larger at home. The different lighting won’t make it any smaller.


I still have not decided on how to best organize my can goods. For now, I’ll leave it as is, and continue to look for something that could work for us.


The cleaning supply side of the pantry is still looking the same, with the exception of one small area. I got a new storage system for the extra paper towels and toilet paper. I’m still overwhelmed with that side. Not sure why that is.


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