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To Do List

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Today I am feeling overwhelmed with all the things I need to do. I used to be so good at making lists and crossing off accomplished tasks… What happened? When did I start not having time to write things down, and organize myself?


I think if I start writing down my to do list I won’t feel so overwhelmed. When I feel that way, I find it more difficult to actually get things done. The idea of a planner very appealing to me, but it would be just one more thing to carry around. I wonder if I can use my phone to help me get organized.


I think I’m feeling like this today because Christmas is right around the corner, and I have not finished getting all the stockings ready. I finally got everything today that I need to finish all the gifts and stockings. But it took me so long to buy everything! I was at the store for hours. In previous years, I had a theme, and it was easier to get all the gifts and stocking stuffers. Not this year. I should have gotten everything last month, or a couple of weeks ago.


I definitely need a to-do list app. For me, paper lists will just become more clutter, and the kids may decide to “decorate” some of my lists with drawings and stickers if they get a hold of my papers. On to researching good to-do list programs.


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