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Making a list, and checking it twice!

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It's Christmas!


This year my 4-year-old daughter is really understanding Christmas. She was so excited, and ready for gifts, and stockings, and everything else. So difficult for me, because I'm going through these total life changes, and my Christmas party spirit is overwhelmed.


My not being completely organized got in the way of my going all out this year. Basically all I did was setting up the big tree and stockings. But since I don't want to increase my stress level, I decided it was OK to go easy this year.


We still managed to have a wonderful time last night. We sang Christmas song (Ric plays the piano), we read to the kids, and I cooked a nice, but healthy dinner. I did forget to take the desert out of the freezer, so we had organic ice cream instead. I didn't think of putting “remove desert from freezer” in my Toodledo list, or have my phone remind me...


Talking about Toodledo, I am really liking having a to-do list in my phone. I'm entering new tasks as I think of them, and crossing off the ones I complete. What I need to do now is to get in the habit of checking the list the night before, and planning out the next day. I want to be on the Nice List next year, and have more decorations out around the house. But that takes some planning ahead. Hopefully my new to-do list will do the trick.


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