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Pixie Dust

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I stayed home with my son and my daughter today. My son is not feeling well. He slept most of the afternoon, for about 4 hours. I used the time to print out happy birthday stickers, and finished all the party favor bags. Tinkerbell is everywhere....


My mom finished Iredessa's rainbow cones (you will only know what I'm talking about if you watched the first Tinkerbell movie - I watched each of the 4 movies about 1047 times...!).


My mom repurposed some empty baby food jars that I had saved, and she made a Winter Tinkerbell candy jar. The fabric was left over from when my daughter was born.  She also embellished a small, colorful treat box. Last week she finished some tissue paper flowers with a fairy on the center.



The key to the birthday parties at our house is to re-use, re-purpose, embellish and customise things we already have, or inexpensive items from the dollar store. A lot of the tissue paper my mom used to make the flowers were leftovers from previous gifts. The Winter Tinkerbell on the jars were from a wrapping paper from last year. I made all the Happy Birthday stickers that we used on the jars, boxes, and cones. We plan on cutting some of the fairies out of the toy boxes and packaging we got to use as part of the decoration.






I figure if my mom and I were fairies, we would definitely be tinkers!


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