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Monday, 14 January 2013 00:00

Hotel Liz

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My anxiety level just raised about 10 more levels today. Remember I told you my father and his family will arrive again on Sunday (in 6 days)? Well, guess what! My mother-in-law will arrive in 9 days! Talk about tight quarters! She will stay for a few weeks. And did I mention I will have people over this coming Saturday for lunch? Yeah... My friend and her boyfriend are coming over - last minute decision. She wants us to meet him before he goes back to California.


Meanwhile the house is slowly transforming into Pixie Hollow. My plans for this week is to finish the dining room decorations. I made really good progress today. Talking about the dining room, our lunch Saturday will be served in the kitchen, because of all the decorations on the dining room table. Well. People will just have to deal with it. I refuse to stress about that!


I think I will need to set some ground rules since so many people will be in my house. I think one of the rules needs to be: "No organizing without my permission". Family members like to help, and organize stuff in their own way. And that will just set me back some more. I need this organization to make sense for me.


I feel I need to count to 100 today... Counting to 10 won't be enough to calm me down!


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