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Sunday, 20 January 2013 00:00

General update

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Guests started to arrive today. The first thing they did was to go to Walmart and get the food items I no longer buy. They stocked up my pantry and fridge with such items. I know it's a temporary thing. So I am not going to stress about that. I do want them to have the foods they like.


I lost another pound. I am super happy about that! I have not been this weight in forever. That's a total of 5 pounds since I started my new health plan. I know that between party food and guests food it will be a challenge not to gain weigh this week.


I'm still making my bed every morning, and the kids help me make their beds most days. Laundry is not as up to date as I would like because my time is mainly spent with birthday preparations. It has been hard to do certain things due to the change in the routine. My mom has been a great help with the clean sink rule. I feel like that's cheating, you know, since she is the one cleaning the dishes lately. But I need the help.


The day was quite productive. My daughter's birthday is in 1 week, and we are now in the final stretch, as far as transforming the house into Tinkerbell land. I completed 75% of the panel for the cake room, and 85% of the candy room, and 90% of the food room.


OK. Let me explain that better. I realize all rooms have some food in them... I always have the front room be where the cake is. The dining room is where the main party food is. The family room is where all the candy is and where we play during the party. And we keep the beverages on the kitchen table. This year we divided all the rooms into seasons. So the cake room will be Spring, the party food room is Summer, the candy room is Fall, and the beverage room is Winter. This will make more sense to you if you've watched the Tinkerbell movies. I will post pictures once I complete the rooms.


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