Wednesday, 23 January 2013 00:00

It's a Zoo

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Things are crazy around the house. My mother-in-law arrived Monday. So now we have 5 extra people at home. It feels like a zoo. So much going on at the same time! So many people asking me questions, and what to do, how to do...


I have been consistently late taking the kids to school. You would think that with extra grandmas, the morning routine would go quicker. You know, extra pairs of hands to help with the kids and breakfast. So not the case! Grandmas are helping out, but interestingly enough I'm able to get the kids dressed, fed, and out the door much faster than all of us doing the work together.


Everybody is getting along so far. That makes me happy. On paper having all of them under one roof is really a recipe for disaster. But things are running smoothly for the most part. Better than I expected.


We have been concentrating on birthday decorations for the past several days. The house is really looking like Pixie Hollow!


I got some supplies to make the cake. I'm very nervous about making the cake myself. Last year worked out, but I think this year's cake is more challenging. I hope it's not a total disaster!


Here is a preview of the cake/spring room. (Disregard the TV on the side. It will not be in the room during the party.)





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