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Tuesday, 29 January 2013 23:07

Pre-Birthday Update

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Last time I posted, I was going to serve lunch for 10 people Saturday afternoon. So let me continue from there.


Lunch for 10 was served. My dad cooked the main dishes, and we had ice cream for desert. It turned out to be easy. I was able to take a little nap in the afternoon, for about 1 hour or so. Thank goodness. When I woke up, I got a text message from a friend, telling me she was coming over to my house, and she was bringing her friend along. We ended up serving dinner for 12 that night. :o !!! Good grief! Just so you understand the gravity of the situation, the night before the birthday is war. Really! I am running around to tie all the loose ends. And everybody better get out of my way...


I started baking the cake while my dad went to Walmart to buy something ready made for dinner. My friend and her friend arrived, and I immediately put them to work. One started to stick some butterflies that had fallen down, and the other fixed some rainbow cones on the wall. My mom needed no directions. It was like our brains were in the same network. So refreshing!


I baked all the cakes. I needed 2 12-inch round vanilla cakes, and 1 11.5-inch strawberry flower shape cake. In the mean time the two friends made "cup chocolate candy" (check out the picture on tomorrow's post). My dad arrived. He had brought some frozen lasagnas. Big mistake. the darn thing needed to be in the oven for about 2 hours! That meant I could not stay in the kitchen and start my cake decorating until everybody had finished dinner. The only place for us to serve the food, eat, or make the cake was on the kitchen island. Every other surface in the house was already decorated for the birthday. By the time we finished cleaning up after dinner, and I could start the cake again, it was midnight.


I started by making the icing that goes over the cakes, and under the fondant. Then I made the filling (chocolate cream). It took me a while to make the cream that day. Not sure why. Maybe because I was tired... I put the cakes in place, filling, icing and all. Then I fought with the fondant, and rolled it out. You will understand it better if you've rolled out fondant yourself... I placed it over the cake, and started shaping it. My mom was clearing out the kitchen in the mean time. At this point everyone had gone to bed, and only the two of us stayed up.


After the fondant was ready and shaped, My mom and I spent some time playing around with flower shapes and  design. Finally we decided on a style, and went with it. I made fondant flowers, and my mom painted them with a satin finish powder. Team work! Around 4:30 am I started placing the flowers on the cake. I finished the cake around 9 AM. Phew!!!! I am so happy everything worked out! You know I was so nervous about the cake. I had no plan B...



I had no time to eat breakfast. I had to finish so much still. It was almost 2 PM when I finally came up to take a shower. I am so grateful that my mother-in-law got my kids ready for me. When I came down, some guests had already arrived. The party had officially started!


Check out tomoeeow's post, it will be picture filled, with all the party decorations, the 8-foot long candy table, and more!


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