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Tinkerbell Party (Picture Galore Part 2)

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Let's continue with Autumn Forest and Winter Woods rooms.


The 8-foot candy table in the Autumn Forest room


Edible lady bug, made of powder milk, hand painted "fairy-style". 



One of the party favors on the piano.


Another party favor on the fireplace.


Fairies on the ceiling. Why not?!


Winter Woods. Snow flakes everywhere!


The beverage table


Another party favor decorating the room.


Most decorations were homemade or recycled from previous birthdays. Creativity comes in handy at times like this, and can transform leftover tissue paper from old gifts into fairy flowers. Tinkerbell wrapping paper, and even fairies cut out off toy boxes became party decoration. Taking the time to customize dollar store items can give them the million dollar look.

All of the unwrapped candy on the candy table were also homemade. Big thanks to both grandmas! Some of the main party food was also homemade: potato salad on edible bowl, hummus mini sandwiches, cheese rolls, and popcorn. We all pitched in on that one. The cake was also homemade.

We started preparing for this birthday in mid December, and we started the set up two weeks before the birthday. We normally take a long time to prepare because I work full time. This year I was very lucky because my mom was here with me. She is an artist!

I realize this is not typically the way Americans throw kid parties. But I'm keeping the tradition my mom started in her country. This was possibly my daughter's last big party. It was very special to all of us.


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