Thursday, 31 January 2013 23:20

Post-birthday update

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I've been sleeping like a rock for the past 3 days. For some reason I am way more tired after the birthday this time around. Probably because of the extra guests in the house. When you have guests over, no matter how much you love them, the daily routine changes, an you can't be as efficient.


Yesterday my dad invited that same friend from Saturday to come over for dinner. Dinner for 10 it was. My dad cooked, I cleaned.


The pantry and the fridge are a disaster. The bones of the pantry (the base layer that I organized weeks ago) are still there. But now people started adding lots processed foods and other items that I no longer want to eat on a daily basis.  I gave up trying to keep it organized while they are here. I will have to complete that after most of them leave. 3 people will leave tomorrow (Friday). . But 2 of them will be back in April.


So I am going to focus on my next project: The master bedroom and master closet. This will be a long project, but totally worth it. I already purchased some items for the transformation. Hopefully I'll be able to start this weekend. I will definitely post pictures!


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