Sunday, 10 February 2013 21:14

Continued the master bedroom organization - 180 degree change in plans

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I had a busy day today. Even Ric felt inspired and had his own plans to organize his office. My plan was to organize the console table that was in front of my makeup table. I woke up with this plan. It was a good plan. Simple. Easy. But, since life happens to all of us, things really didn't go as planned. When I was in the middle of the organization - and I mean, knee high in papers, hair products, papers from my old job from 2010, office supplies, and a bunch of random items that do not belong in the bedroom - Ric comes to me saying that he changed his mind on how he wants his office to be. Basically he doesn't want to switch his office and the guest bedroom for now. That means my plans to have an exercise area for me, and a small office space went down the drain.


Not only that. He was taking my Ju-Ju-Be bags out of the office too. Now my bags are homeless! Too much change. No plan. Yikes! So I had to improvise and compromise. I took the mini fridge out of the master bedroom - don't ask. OK. It deserves an explanation. Why would I have a mini fridge in my bedroom? I needed one when I went on bedrest - in 2010. It was never meant to stay for this long... Anyway... I returned it to the game room, moved the console table to where the fridge was, and put my Total Gym where the console table used to be. Not my ideal set up to have my Total Gym in the bedroom, but, hey, at least it's set up, and I won't have any more excuses not to exercise.


There is still a lot to do. I didn't do anything to my tall chest of drawers, or the nightstands - which are covered in more random stuff.


Ah, and around 1:30 PM I had to stop my organization to go to a kid's birthday party with my daughter. We came back at 5 PM, and I continued where I left off. It's 9PM and I just now stopped. I'm very tired. I will have to continue later.


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