Tuesday, 12 February 2013 21:45

Down one grandma... But wait...!

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My mother-in-law went back home yesterday. But not to worry. She will be back in no time, to then spend 3 months. Yes. You read it correctly. 3 MONTHS. Some time before or around April, she will come back for a longer stay. Right around the time my dad and his wife return. And yes. My mom will still be here. I told you. I really wasn't kidding when I said my family members STAY with us often. I'm sure we are breaking some sort of record this year...


I think I will probably be able to finish the pantry soon, now that most visitors went away. I'd better do it fast before they all come back!


I'm pretty sure my sister-in-law is planning on coming some time this year too. I mean, her and her husband and baby daughter. I'd better check to see if my brother and his wife are planning on coming too. I need to prepare myself. Or not. At this point I don't think it will make any difference - 2 or 10 visitors...


Shifting the focus back to my current project, the master suite - I am very excited to continue the organization this coming Sunday. Half of the room feels much "lighter" already, without all the clutter. I can't wait to declutter the other half.


My makeup table is working perfectly. So easy to get ready in the morning. I have even felt inspired to pay more attention to my makeup. Several people at work have noticed it, and have complemented me on my skin, makeup, and even on my eyebrows (which are the same as they've always been, except with better makeup around it...).


The Total Gym is looking at me right now, as I write this post. I'm looking back, and trying to NOT come up with the "I'm tired" excuse. I'm not crazy to start with a full, heavy workout routine. I plan on starting slow and simple. Anything is better than no exercise. I just need to start.


[... few minutes staring at the Total Gym ...]


Ok Total Gym, you won. I'll pay you a visit.


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