Thursday, 28 February 2013 09:13

Excuse me life, I need to breathe!

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I have to be honest. Ever since my house was full of guests, and since my daughter's birthday, things have not been the same. More specifically, my routine, my organization path. The past two weekends I traveled out of town, and now I'm left with not only the pre-trip mess, but also the stuff that came back with me from the trips.
It seems that the mess multiplies on it's own. Mess attracts mess. I'm pretty good at packing, but it takes me a while to unpack for some reason. I want to sort, and see what I have, and it is embarrassing to say that I have not finished unpacking yet.
It is very hard for me to function when I'm surrounded by clutter. It's like I can't breathe. This weekend I MUST finish unpacking. It would be a plus if I could get started on my closet, or bedroom. I should say continue the organization there.
On one hand, I am very happy I got to take my daughter to all those birthday parties for the past 3 weekends. Including the ones we had to go out of town. On the other hand, it set me back quite a bit.
Ok. I'm taking a deep breath. (...Pause...) Off to a full day at work.

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