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Visitors, again!

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My dad and his wife are back. They arrived at 11:30 pm last Thursday. My mom is still here, and my best friend is spending the weekend with us as well. My mother-in-law decided not to come for now. She is thinking of coming in June or July. We have a full house again.


I'm not even going to mention all the foods they bought before breakfast on Friday. They are in my pantry and fridge. I was expecting it. I'm not mad, or upset. I accepted it's temporary.


On Friday night my dad decided to buy a roasted chicken from the supermarket. You know, going for something practical, easy, and fast. Normally he cooks from scratch. He is very good at it. And so he is not used to getting things that are ready made. I got home Friday night, and he had made rice, and was heating up the roasted chicken in the oven. How nice! To my surprise, when he opened the oven to take out the chicken, guess what happened? He didn't remove the plastic tray and cover it comes in. The plastic melted, ruining the chicken, and the bottom of my oven.


We ordered pizza.


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