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Guests are gone. Resuming regular routine...

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It has been a long time since my last post. My mother-in-law left about 3 weeks ago, and things are now slowly getting back to “normal”, whatever that is… I can't believe I had one year of guests in my house! It is surprising how having extra people in the house - who are technically helping you - change one's regular routine. The result: I was not able to accomplish the goals I had for the year. But this is a learning process. Life doesn’t stop, and we continue on with the goals until things get done.

I am now resuming the path I started a year ago. No better place to start again than to go back to my first prject - the pantry. My organization system held up ok considering all the extra items that had been shoved in there. I did some light shelf organization, and cleaned everythings up. Nothing major. But already an improvement.

I organized the plastic container cabinet, and discovered lots of containers with no lids, and lids with no containers. Have you noticed how these things disappear as time goes on? I periodically re-arrange that cabinet, I used to periodically re-arrange that cabinet, because I hate mismatched containers. It’s easier for me to be on top of it when I’m the only one dealing with the containers. But that was not the case over the past 12 months. I must say I did ignore that cabinet for the past several months. Some days I would just pretend I did not see the mess when I had to take something out of there. Now that I am the queen of the kitchen again, I just had to get it organized.

Another process that is taking place right now is my makeup/beauty items organization. I always wanted to get everything catalogued, but have never found a nice/easy way of doing it. The other day I bought a beautiful purple nail polish, just to find out that I already had bought one just like it. Same brand, same shade. And the funny thing was that I didn't get a gorgeous pink nail polish that day because I was afraid I already had it. Who knows, maybe I didn't have the pink. That was not the first time I bought a duplicate or wrong beauty product. So, that is my current project - creating a way to keep track of all my "beautifying friends". And it's a fun one!

This week I'm packing for a trip to Disney with the kids. YAY!!!! Super fun!!! And I am getting all my Ju-Ju-Be bags ready to go. Well, not ALL of my JU-Ju-Be bags, but all the one who willt ravel with me. Tomorrow I will post another entry just to talk about that. With pictures of course. I'm trying to pack a little bit every night this week so I don't get overwhelmed before the trip. We are leaving in just a few days.


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