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Wednesday, 01 January 2014 18:19

New Year's Resolutions - 2014

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2013 did not go as well as I expected. Many reasons prevented me from completing all my goals. I did start several projects around the house. Lesson learned: don't give up when faced with challenges. Maybe I need to break down even more each one of the tasks on my list.


So I am going to continue with my previous goals, and see what I can accomplish this year.


Here are the projects I want to accomplish in 2014, in no particular order:


House Organization Projects:

- Finish the pantry

- kitchen cabinets

- Game/storage room

- Swap the office and guest room, and transform the new office into an office/workout room (this will be a huge project) I may go in a different direction... To be decided.

- Master closet

- Master bedroom

- Master bathroom

- Kids closet

- Laundry room

- Kids school art

- Kids bathroom



- Improve family meal planning

- Loose 30 lbs

- Exercise at least 3 days a week

- Set aside more personal time with God


This is still a big list. Those are the things I need to do, so I'll keep working on this list for as long as it takes. Like I said before, I've started several of these during 2013. Now I need to concentrate on finishing these projects!


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