I decided it's OK to divide the projects into more manageable steps. So instead of attacking the entire master closet, I just organized my shoe and handbag closet. Way less overwhelming.


When I first designed this closet, I simply divided the shelves that I had, somewhat evenly, not taking much into consideration how much space I really needed. The closet has these pull-out shelves. Each can hold up to 12 pairs of shoes. Originally, my shoes were sorted by color. With the top shoe shelve dedicated to black shoes, the second to browns and reds, the third to metallics, and the fourth to all other colors. The very bottom one was for my boots, and house shoes.


This way of sorting is interesting, because if you need a black shoe, all you need to do is open the pull-out shelve with the black shoes. But, there was a lot of wasted space. Each shelf had high heels and flat shoes. This meant less space for the shelves holding the handbags. Result: total bag mess. Since mess attracts mess, the shoe shelves ended up not so neat...


Solution: I lowered some of the shelves, raised a couple others, distributing the available space a little better. The very bottom of the closet is still for my boots, tennis shoes, and house shoes. But now the boots can "stand up", and not get damaged on their sides. Then the next two shelves are very close together, and they hold the flats, and the small to medium size heels. The next two have more space in between, and hold my high heels. Shoes are sorted based on color within each drawer. Another space saving way to store the shoes is to place the right shoe facing forward and the left facing backward. When I placed them like this, I was able to fit 12 pairs per shelve, instead of 10.


Handbags: now, with more space for handbags to stand upright, I was able to place them in a way that I can see all of them at the same time. No more bag on top of bag... I even found a couple of really cute bags that I had totally forgotten I had them!


With this way of organizing the shoes and bags, I realized I have more space, and can now bring some of the shoes that are in the garage back inside. I'm very happy with the results. Here are the before and after pictures.







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