Wednesday, 26 May 2010 19:00

Diapering & Potty: Cotton Rounds


To minimize the mess when applying diaper rash ointments to baby's bottom, you can use lint-free cotton rounds that you find at the make-up aisle. They are great to spread the ointment evenly, and to keep your fingers and nails clean. Keep some in the diaper bag as well if you are applying ointments when you go out. It is very important that you get the lint-free kind. Otherwise you will end up with lint all over the baby's bottom.



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Thursday, 20 May 2010 19:00

Diapering & Potty: Non-Stick Baby Bottom


It is interesting how not very many moms know about this "number two" tip. This tip is great for babies of any age,  including newborn babies and thier black and sticky  little messes.

The secret for a quick and breezy diaper change is to apply petroleum jelly (such as vaseline) over the baby's bottom and groins. This will prevent the poop from sticking to the baby's skin. You will need fewer wipes, and diaper change will be faster and better for mom and baby. Vaseline is fairly inexpensive, and come in a variety of sizes. You can have a big jar to use at home and a small travel size to keep in the diaper bag.


Another step that you can add to prevent diaper rash is to use a zinc ointment before applying the vaseline. This will not only make baby's bottom non-stick, but also rash-free. There are many brands of zinc ointments in the market. Not all of them are the same. Some can have as little as 10% zinc, while others have 40%. Some ointments also have other soothing ingredients besides zinc. Check with your doctor to see which one they recommend.


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