Membership Terms and Conditions

Membership Contract

I agree to become a member of the Ideas N Things website (INT, or the Site), free of charge. As a member of the Site, I will be able to browse any pages available to my membership level. I agree not to copy or use any material presented on the Site for purposes other than personal use.

I understand that Ideas N Things is an independent entitiy from Ju-Ju-Be, and that any questions I may have regarding the operation of this Site must be directed to the administrators of this site, and not to Ju-Ju-Be owners or employees.

I also agree to the Terms of Membership as listed below. I agree that I am bound by and shall comply with the rules and regulations of the Site as they may be amended from time to time. In consideration of the Membership Rights granted hereunder, I accept the INT services and website “as is”.


Terms of Membership

1. INT shall have the right to deny login privileges to any member with no prior notice.

2. The Member agrees to abide by INT Rules and Regulations and is bound by and shall comply with the rules and regulations as they may be amended from time to time.


Membership Agreement

This agreement is executed on the date of the membership registration, by and between Ideas N Things (hereinafter referred to as the INT) and the Member, who has voluntarily signed up to become an INT member. 

INT Member understands that while member's personal information provided by member to the Site will not be sold or disclosed to third parties, such information may and will be disclosed when Members voluntarily leaves a comment or feedback. INT owner, associate(s), moderator(s), and every person involved in the administration and development of the website shall not be responsible for any misuse of member's personal information.

The INT reserves the right to amend and/or add to these rules and conditions and not adopt new rules and conditions as it may deem necessary.


I, the Member, irrevocably authorize INT, its successors and assigns, and those acting under its authority, to copy, use, publish, for art, advertising, trade, or any other lawful purpose whatsoever, photographic portraits, pictures or videotapes of me, in which I may be included in whole or in part, as well as any text, article, opinions, or drawings/pictures/art I may send electronically or in hard copy format.


I, the Member, have read and understand this Membership Agreement.

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