What is Beautyfiler

Beautyfiler is an organizational tool to help you stay on top of all the beauty items in your stash. All the items you enter in your Beautyfiler will be available to you anywhere you go when you use your mobile device. This way, you won't buy a duplicate shade, unless you really want to. In essence, the Beautyfiler is a searchable list of your beauty stash, that you can sort in many different ways.


Adding items to your Beautyfiler is easy! And you can do that in a few different ways. You can choose to look up our Beauty Product List, which contains hundreds of beauty products available in the market. When you find an item that you have, just click on the name of the product, select which list you want the product to go to: your Stash, Wish List, or Shopping List. Done. Our system will automatically add that product to one of your lists without you having to type anything! You can also enter several products at the same time when you add them from the Palette/Set List. When you find that set or palette, and click on its name, all the products on that set will be added automatically to the list you selected. We are constantly adding new products to the Product List and to the Palette/Set List. But if you can't find your product there, you have the option of adding a custom entry directly to your Beautyfiler Stash.


You can edit any of the items you have listed in your Beautyfiler Stash, and add as much or as little detail as you want to help you get even more organized. If you want, you can add information such as expiration/open date, shade intensity, finish, undertone, storage location, and more. You can also rate each product. If that product is linked to one in the Beauty Product List, your rating will show up in that list as well. You can link any of your custom entries at a later date when that product is added to the main list.


Linking a custom product you entered on your own to a product in the Beauty Product List helps us keep track of of products that the community owns in a organized way, and avoid minor differences in what each one of us may enter as the product information. The main table sets the pattern for that product, but you are free to customise your own entries in whatever way makes more sense to you. Linking an item to the Beauty Products List is not required, but it is recommended once your item is available in the Beauty Products List.


 As you list your beauty items, you will be able to analyse what you have in a way you probably have never done before. The charts in the Beautyfiler main page will show you what is the color and finish distribution of your stash! You can easily switch chart view to show you the distribution of your eye liners, eyeshadows, pigments, blushes, lipsticks, lip pencils, lip liners, lip glosses, lip balms, lip stains and nail polishes! This will help you decide not only what color you could buy next, but also what finish. Let's say you have 10 pink eyeshadows, and according to the chart, 4 are pearl finish, 5 are frost finish, and 1 is glitter. Now you now that you could probably invest in some matte pink shades. You can even break it further down, and see how many of those pink eyeshadows are light, medium or deep shades. And the best part is that you can check all that while you are at the store when you launch the INT website in your phone or tablet.


These are just some of the things you can do once you become a subscriber. The site is very user-friendly, and intuitive. Some of the other things you can do is upload the picture of a product swatch, write public reviews, and more. Keeping track of your stash is so much fun when you use the Beautyfiler!


Which Subscription Should I get?

There are two types of subscriptions that you can request: Connoisseur and Pro. They are both recurring subscriptions, automatically renewed every 3 months. All the features described in the previous section are included in both subscrptions. The Connoisseur subscription offers a simple and easy way to get your beauty inventory organized, and allows you to analyze your products based on color and finish.


The Pro version is a useful tool to beauty gurus who have their Youtube channels and who need a little more functionality. The Pro subscription offers the same things as the Connoisseur, plus the ability to promote their Youtube channel and to promote and organize their Youtube videos. Pro subscribers are able to manage their own searchable video database, with no programing or Excel skills needed!


If you have your own Youtube channel, then we highly recommend that you get the Pro subscription. If not, the Connoisseur subscription will be all that you need.


Can You Tell Me a Little More About the Pro Subscription?

The Pro subscription allows you to not only get your beauty products and videos organized, but also allows you to promote your channel and videos. You can create your own page at Ideas N Things, and list the links to all your social media channels. You can list up to 2 Youtube channels, and a link to you Facebook page, Pineterst, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and the URL to your blog. This will allow viewers to like and follow you on all your links from one page.


Viewers do not need to be a registered user or a Beautyfiler subscriber to search your videos or to see your page. Anybody searching the internet can potentially see them.


Your main Youtube Channel will be displayed automatically on everyone's Beautyfiler page, and they can subscribe to your channel with just one click. Ads of Youtube channels will be displayed in random order, every time the page is refreshed. Viewers can see your page when they look up the Channels page.


When you list your video in the Beauty Youtube Videos database, you will make it easier for the viewer to search your videos based on the key words of their interest. Only beauty videos are allowed to be listed, so the viewer will know their search result will return something they will want to watch.


Your Pro subscription can help propel your channel's exposure to new subscribers, and will take your beauty organization to the next level!




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