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Hello beautiful! I am excited to share with you something I know you want!!!


How about healthy, younger looking skin and makeup that is just perfect for your complexion?


Imagine if your makeup could also be part of your anti-aging skin care? What if every time you put on your eyeshadow and foundation, you were helping your skin to become more radiant, smoother and more firm?


Well, THIS IS POSSIBLE! Senegence products work to reduce the signs of aging with every layer you apply. From your face cleanser and body wash to the finishing touches of your makeup, everything works in perfect harmony to get your skin looking better and better every day.


You will see results fast! The high quality ingredients in our inclusive line make the plump new skin cells come up to the surface 23% faster and increase collagen production by 168% in just 4 weeks! That means reduced fine lines and wrinkles, and more even and smoother skin in a very short time.


You can get the best skin of your life with visible results you will love. Check out some of my favorites:



Best of All 

    • No Animal Testing
    • No animal by-products
    • Use of naturally reoccurring natural ingredients
    • Made in cGMP manufacturing facilities
    • Made in the United States for strict quality control in compliance with FDA regulations
    • Gluten-free
    • LipSense® contains NO WAX & NO LEAD
    • Products do not clog skin pores (non-comedogenic)
    • 100% satisfaction guarantee
    • FREE shipping!


    Looking for the basics? Here's the skin care power core:

    * 3 in 1 Cleanser * Day Time and Evening Time Moisturizers * Eyecreme


    Looking to set your skin care into warp speed?

    * Climate Control * NeoTight Revitalizing Eye Serum * Rejuvenating Anti-Wrinkle Serum * Advanced Seneplex+ Renewal Serum with Retinol * Nangai Oil


    First time buying Lipsense? This is what you need to know:

    Lipsense is a long lasting lip color that stays on up to 18 hours and keeps your lips moisturized. It works this way because it's a 2-step system. The color + gloss work together to keep you looking good for hours. Lipsense color will not work by itself or with other glosses because our gloss has the unique ability to seal the color and also to go through it to moisturize your lips without disrupting the color layer.


    Make sure you include a gloss with your first Lipsense purchase. And don't forget to also get an Ooops, so you can remove the color at the end of the day or fix any little mistake during application.


    Looking to join in the fun and start your your Senegence Business?
    Let me help you get started and support you in your journey as you grow and reach success. I would love to be your sponsor and help you every step of the way!


    As I always say, beauty like you mean it!


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Face On
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